Unique Production Process

Manufactured at the Cultech cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Process) approved manufacturing facility in the UK, all Lab4 products are produced using two proprietary manufacturing processes – Tri-Phase and StabilityMax.

Developed by the scientists at Cultech, Tri-Phase is a unique three-stage micro-encapsulation and conditioning technology, which increases stability of the probiotics at every stage of the process. The three stages involved are:
  1. Micro-encapsulating and freeze-drying the probiotics
  2. Pre-conditioning and tempering the product during manufacturing
  3. Final treatment prior to packaging
Stability Max combines the TriPhase treated active ingredients with optimised ‘gas-tight’ packaging and ‘overage’ (extra) of bacteria to ensure the stability of all products containing Lab4 probiotics. The result is high potency probiotic products, which are stable for up to 18 months at temperatures of  up to 25°C.
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