Dr Alison Jack

Research Manager

Alison completed a PhD in Microbiology at Bristol University has worked as a postdoctoral research associate on 2 research projects while at Cardiff University looking at polymicrobial biofilm interactions on the molecular interactions of established biofilms and their intra- and inter-kingdom chemical interactions, specifically quorum sensing transduction systems. Through her research, it was found that commensal Oral Lactic Acid Bacteria can differentially regulate the Thrush causing agent, Candida albicans. She has used her research to microbially and molecularly characterise these interactions in a novel nanocellulose wound dressing and developed an “in vitro” model for polymicrobial wound studies. Then progressing to study quorum sensing inhibition effects of a novel antimicrobial agent specifically for cystic fibrosis patients.

Alison joined the Cultech team in 2016 as a senior member of the research department working on both in vitro and in vivo projects with probiotic Lactic Acid bacteria ranging from assessing bacteriocin production and harnessing their effects to co-ordination of clinical trials to determine the efficacy the products for the prevention of infection among healthcare workers. She is also actively developing the Company’s Gut Model system to provide a meaningful means of demonstrating the effectiveness of probiotics in a controlled in vitro ecosystem using her a wealth of knowledge to investigate the complicated interactions that microorganisms can produce. Her goal is to ensure Cultech Limited is recognised as a leader for probiotic research.

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